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I'm probably the most relaxed wedding photographer in Huddersfield, if not Yorkshire.

I love love love photographing weddings, if I won the lottery, I'd still do this. It's so much fun watching you get married, hanging with all your friends and nabbing the odd canape (wedding food is the best type of food). I mean, it's insane to call this a job.

My mum used to say if I was any more relaxed, I'd be horizontal and this is the approach I bring to your wedding and my relaxed feel will definitely rub off on you.
So if you have a tendency to panic, chill, relax and book me for your wedding.

My approach to weddings is super relaxed, which means everything is natural. Nothing is forced. I'm definitely not going to force you to kiss for a photo and I'm absolutely not going to get you to look into the distance with a meaningful look on your face.

Weddings for me are all about photographing everyone having a good time, popping up just as everyone laughs at a joke or sneakily capturing both of you having a quick kiss when you think no one is watching.

I do love getting creative though in the evening, so if you're bored of talking to your guests we can nip away for 10minutes and do some fancy portraits. Or you can tell me to piss off, it's completely up to you.

Your wedding day is the only day where you have more power than The queen (actual fact). Seriously, if you asked for a dominos just after your wedding breakfast because you were still hungry, you'd probably get one. So I'm not going to start dictating how the day goes.

The only part I might dictate is the family formals, which I get through quicker than my little boy inhaling raspberries (he really loves raspberries) and the couple portraits. I'll usually spend 10-20minutes with you just walking around your venue and stopping now and again to let you have a cuddle and sit down. And then the rest of the time is spent photographing the day unfold.

Also, if you have mild wedding panic, I'm just a message away to calm your nerves and tell you everything is going to be ok (true story).

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