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I'm a Yorkshire man, although part southern as my mum is from Essex (no jokes please), so you get the best of both worlds with me. I'm currently based in Yorkshire in a tiny little village consisting of a pub, a church and nothing else.

My career in photography didn't start that early, I actually have a degree in Music Technology. Chasing the dream of being the next big rock star, playing guitar to thousands. In reality, it was just my girlfriend and her mum on one occasion. ha!

It was actually my own wedding that got me interested in wedding and portrait photography. That and the fact that my lovely wife told her co-worker that I'd photograph their wedding (without asking me first) for free as my first wedding. Talk about being thrown in at the deep end! And since then I haven't looked back.

So why do I do this? Because I bloody love it and want to give my family the best in life, even if that does mean working till the early hours. But this also means you're getting the best photos possible.

Meet The Family

LOVES music, loves going to gigs.
Cider and rum fan.
Tries to keep house plants alive.
Loves a bad joke.

The 'Boss'

Loves lush, a hot bath and candles.
Obsessed with the dance group Diversity.
Enjoys going for wanders and long walks.
Translator for Dylan.


Loves the quiz show The Chase.
Enjoys following Zap around.
Loves singing to himself.
Loves getting his books out and reading.

Assistant No.1

Hates humans company.
Loves a lap cuddle while dad edits at the desk.
Soul destroyer of all house plants.

Assistant No.2

Loves to play fetch.
Enjoys chasing Kiki to get her to play.
Best friends with Dylan.
Will steal your sandwich.

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