Our wedding day, photo by Neil Stewart Photography

Huddersfield Wedding Photographer

I'm a Yorkshire man, although part southern as my mum is from Essex (no jokes please), so you get the best of both worlds with me. I'm currently based in Yorkshire. A tiny little village consisting of a pub, a church and nothing else.

My career in photography didn't start that early, I actually have a degree in Music Technology. Chasing the dream of being the next big rock star, playing guitar to thousands. In reality, it was just my girlfriend and her mum on one occasion. ha!

So if I couldn't be on stage, the next best thing would be in front of it taking photos. Along side this I gained a diploma in Photography while working as a fashion photographer for a ladies shoe company. If you see me taking an interest in your shoes ladies, that's the reason why, it's NOT a weird fetish, I promise.

It was actually my own wedding that got me interested in wedding and portrait photography. That and the fact that my lovely wife told her co-worker that I'd photograph their wedding (without asking me first) for free as my first wedding. Talk about being thrown in at the deep end! And since then I haven't looked back.

So what can I do for you? As an award winning photographer, I strive to produce the best work I possibly can. I want my photos to make ME go wow and I have a very high standard, Vikki often says I'm too hard on myself. I don't like ordering people around, so I'm not going to be pushy and I'll just go for natural moments instead.

Meet the team behind Matt Thompson Photography

Matt Thompson


Loves music of any kind. Cider and rum fan. Occassionally stands on stage making a racket with a guitar. Loves a bad joke.

Mrs Thompson

The 'Boss'

Loves lush, a hot bath and candles. A little obssessed with the dance group Diversity. Enjoys going for wanders and long walks.

assistant number 1 to Matt Thompson Photography

Assistant no. 1

Loves a good ear rub. Slightly addicted to cat nip. Prefers boxes over expensive beds. The Thompson's first born.

assistant number 2 to Matt Thompson Photography

Assistant no. 2

Loves winding Penny up. Enjoys regular exercise of running around the house at 100mph. Possibly related to the devil.

"Our wedding was beautiful, even the cake was in tiers"

"Being a lift operator must be boring, but I guess it has it ups and downs"

Our life in Photos

matt and vikki getting married
we are scientists gig
matt thompson drinking beer
rum and marvel
matt thompson and mrs thompson
matt playing guitar with the ebgbs
cat poking her nose out
mrs thompson cuddling cat
matt thompson photography at blue lagoon iceland
poker with the guys
matt thompson photography family portrait
campervan from liberty campers yorkshire
mrs thompson walking
cat photography
matt thompson with cat
bride and groom posing at hepworth church yorkshire

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