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I love all the weddings I photograph. For me it's more about the couple at weddings. It doesn't matter where you're getting married, if you're nice and your friends and family and awesome, you'll have an amazing wedding.

Having said all that, there are certain weddings that I'd LOVE to shoot. Certain venue types I'd love to photograph at. I'd love to shoot them so much I've made a list and if your wedding fits, I'll give you a special discount.

So head over to my contact page and tell me how awesome your wedding's going to be.

Tattooed wedding couple

I LOVE tattoo's. I'm not talking just the odd one here and there, I'm talking full arms covered. How cool do bride and grooms look with tattoos showing?

Unusual Venues
Give me tree houses, castles, woods, beaches. Anything that isn't your usual church and hotel.

Tipi / Yurt / Festival
Sun, bunting, fairy lights, hay bales. Love love love.

Any animal, I love them all

I loved my trip to Iceland, one of my favourite places and I'd love it even more if you had a wedding there.

Themed Wedding
Comic book, fairy tale, anything with amazing details. Even a Game of Thrones, but maybe not recreate the 'red wedding'.

Scotland and Wales
Not in the same wedding, that'd be a stretch, but I love the Scottish and Welsh countryside.

Unusual Wedding Dress
Nothing will make me happier to see a rainbow wedding dress.

A Good Beard
I love a good, well groomed beard. Hipsters, show me your beards.

Colour, Colour, Colour
Hair, bridesmaids dress, anything that's bright, in your face and basically resembles the inside of a skittles packet.

Funk Band
No discount here, but I'll work extra hours for free just so I can have a dance while I snap on the dance floor. Love a good funk band. Must have a horn section.

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